Sonia Satallana

Settlement Coordinator at Darrigo, Diaz & Jimenez

Ronald D. Darrigo


Settlement Coordinator

As a settlement coordinator at Darrigo, Diaz & Jimenez, Sonia makes sure the disbursement of settlement funds in each case is done properly and promptly. She achieves this by gathering all medical bills and liens clients might have and negotiating those balances in order to optimize the clients’ settlement. Additionally, Sonia negotiates with doctors, insurance companies, and lien holders on behalf of our clients, making sure they keep the most part of their settlement funds.

A member of our legal team for four years, Sonia enjoys being able to work on the closing of files and having the opportunity to be with clients at the closing of their cases. This provides her with insight about their life experiences, their situation, their views for the future given the conclusion of the case, and their gratitude toward the firm – all of which can be very rewarding.

When it comes to settlement process, Sonia’s main objective is to benefit the client and protect their interests. She puts clients first in every decision she makes and strives to bring them closure while optimizing the settlement funds in their favor. On a daily basis, Sonia plays a role in helping reduce thousands of dollars from our clients’ medical liens. When not working, she enjoys baking, watching novellas, and spending time with families.


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