Being accused of a sex crime is a very serious matter that requires the immediate assistance of an experienced sex crime defense attorney. If you are facing criminal charges, turn to a Tampa criminal defense lawyer at Darrigo, Diaz & Jimenez, Attorneys at Law. With more than 200 years of collective experience and a history of successful case resolutions, our firm is well equipped to handle even the most complex cases. In fact, senior partner Nadine Diaz is a Board Certified Civil Trial Law Specialist by the Florida Bar, placing her among the top 5% of sex crime defense attorneys in the state.

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Types of Sex Crimes

We can assist you with the following charges:

  • Sexual assault
  • Sexual battery
  • Prostitution & solicitation of prostitution
  • Rape & statutory rape
  • Possession of child pornography
  • Lewd & lascivious molestation
  • Internet sex crimes
  • Indecent exposure
  • Failure to register as a sex offender

Why You Need a Tampa Sex Crime Attorney

The penalties for sex crimes in Florida are severe and life altering. In addition to jail or prison time and expensive fines, a convicted individual will likely have to register as a sex offender or sexual predator. This can result in a loss of personal and professional reputation that could hinder your ability to find a job, secure a place to live, obtain a loan or professional license, and more. Furthermore, you will have to remain in constant contact with the police each time you change your contact information or residence and will have restrictions placed on where you are allowed to live.

With such weighty penalties, you should not delay in hiring a lawyer as soon as you have been arrested for a sex crime. Our firm is prepared to offer you a free and confidential consultation during which we can discuss the facts of your case and talk about which defense options may be available to you. You are innocent until proven guilty – let us fight for you!

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