Miriam Fumero

Licensed Adjuster / Senior Case Manager at Darrigo, Diaz & Jimenez

Miriam Fumero

Miriam Fumero

Licensed Adjuster / Senior Case Manager

Miriam Fumero has been with Darrigo, Diaz & Jimenez for over four years. As a licensed adjuster and senior case manager, Miriam is responsible for managing pre-suit cases from intake to settlement status. She works closely with our attorneys and all members of our legal team, and draws from her experience and insight as an adjuster for the benefit of our clients.

Just as with our entire firm, Miriam enjoys taking care of clients and guiding them toward a favorable resolution, especially when it involves compensation needed to pay expenses and futures costs of medical treatment. She focuses on what clients need and expect, and providing exceptional service that clients cite when referring our firm to others.

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