Patricia Dominguez

Litigation Support at Darrigo, Diaz & Jimenez

Patricia Dominguez

Patricia Dominguez-Mejia

Mail Clerk / Litigation Support

Patricia Dominguez-Mejia is a valued member of the Darrigo, Diaz & Jimenez legal team, serving as litigation support and handling administrative work involving mail and important information. Her role with the firm consists of establishing new client files in our database and mailing initial letters of representation and medical record requests. She drafts correspondences, scans, and faxes documents pertaining to client cases. Additionally, she schedules clients on a timely basis when their case initially enters litigation.

Prior to joining our firm, Patricia earned her Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with concentrations in Public Administration and Sociology from the University of South Florida. She enjoys being in a position where she and the rest of our team can make true differences for clients in need of proven representation and positive results. When not working she enjoys scrapbooking.

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